22 June 2016

BMW released the next hundred years Mini and Rolls-Royce concept car for the future of technology travel endorsement

In a next time, the car will be more aggressive in embracing technology as a traditional car company BMW is a practitioner. In London, the world premiere of the BMW Group MINI VISION NEXT 100 and Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 concept car. Although the two models target different, but have adopted a zero-emission system energy power system, and is also equipped with the unmanned mode. Even the vehicle can automatically start and go to the nearest charging point when the low battery is charging, after full and then voluntarily returned to the initial parking position.


The mini concept car is designed essentially to maintain the family genes. The show is a vehicle used in the official said silver "skin" blank canvas, can be changed to match the user's mood and the scene which, through changes in car design and colour ambient lighting, bringing personalised experiences and customised vehicle information portfolio.
Meanwhile, concept vehicle uses an interactive panel, from outside to inside to bring convenience to the user. A large number of digital level, exchange of people and vehicles, to identify the driver, the driver becomes part of your life. Concept car at the future of technology, the use of the "guess you like" technology, when sitting in the car, press the "minds" button, the vehicle according to the driver before collecting a variety of preferences, according to the driver's destination, etc. information on the situation, give advice driving programs. On the drive to render the atmosphere, not just a concept car by changing the colour of the dashboard display different driving modes in the future MINI can provide a more varied driving mode according to the customer's driving style.
Each driver can choose personalised modes, including numerous entertainment, communications and autopilot options. In the motion, the driver can at any time about Cooperider, using the control knob to adjust the atmosphere inside the car and driving patterns. Outside modern interior materials, roof lining and side trim with the recycled plastics and aluminium, MINI interior designer also used in the automobile cabin unusual materials, such as copper, basalt and cellulose. In power, the concept car also uses a zero-emission system energy power system and is also equipped with the unmanned mode.
Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100
The integration of the concept car exterior elements of 1930s luxury car, the body length of 5.9 meters, 1.6 meters tall car, and now the Phantom long-wheelbase version of similar size. Wherein the unique open-wheel strange shapes, and Banlu rim size to 28 inches exaggerated.
Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 concept car built in part nowadays the most popular OLED display, and with the left and right through the doors and centre console handmade Makassar ebony trim, highlighting the sense of future technology at the same time the maximum degree of retention of Rolls-Royce luxury experience of traditional crafts.
In the interior part of the biggest difference is the concept car uses a unique single-row design, configuration and no significant aspects about riding, steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals are not equipped, this is the Rolls-Royce brave into the future, without compromise to adhere to the customers to build an emotional able to communicate with the owners of automatic driving cars in the future to ensure that passengers Royce Royce still enjoy the luxury of riding experience as the core. The traditional internal clock, the internal doors are of umbrellas and other details can be passed.
In power, the concept car uses the zero emissions power system, and adopted the wheel motor; wheel motor drive can get a good acceleration and body control, and for sexually will have a certain upgrade.
BMW has announced it will launch 4-century concept car, as the brand vision for the next 100 years show. Today, BMW brand, MINI brand, ROLLS-ROYCE brand of century concept cars have to meet us; then it will last a concept of what is yet to be announced.

Twitter acquisition machine learning startups Magic Pony

With the global economy has entered a troubled acquisition of the technology sector also frequently staged. And Twitter's share price has been in a downward interval, the co-founder Jack Multiple regression since West Jack Dorsey, has been re-implemented user facing growing pressure. At this time, we must make some changes.
Twitter has also made a movement,announced the acquisition of machine learning start-up companies from London Magic Pony Technology. This company has a photo recognition technology; 

the algorithm can identify image features. Spokesman declined to disclose the purchase price. However, sources said, Twitter may pay $ 150million,including bonuses.

This is not the first time Twitter bet field of machine learning, which in July 2014 acquired Madbits, 2015 Nian acquired in June Whetlab, which is its third acquisition machine learning company.So far this year, Twitter's shares fell nearly 40% in the second quarter outlook is much lower than expected, more importantly, its subscriber growth almost stagnated.

 Twitter must enhance the attractiveness of the product to change the user growth and interaction.

After this acquisition was completed, Twitter will use its technology to improve the visual experience of their applications, help enhance the live and video services. The Magic Pony team will focus on the development and integration of people to easily find and share experience on participation.

For Twitter, it must be generated as soon as the acquisition of chemical reactions; there is a new product out of the growth and enhance the user experience. Otherwise, the stock continued to decline, then there may be acquired fall into the abyss. And this acquisition also indicates that, in a later period, or a video broadcast technology hot spots.

Spotify total number of users reached 100 million people

Swedish streaming music service provider Spotify has announced the total number of subscribers of this product has more than 100 million, including 30 million subscribers, which is the music streaming services have paid the largest user groups. Currently, Spotify has become one of Europe beyond Skype highest valuation of start-ups, their valuation of about $ 8.5 billion.

 Spotify subscription service currently offers two: one for the free ad-supported model, one is stripped advertising and can be used to listen to offline charging mode. A document they had submitted to show that the end of 2015, Spotify users worldwide Total number of 8,900 people. The world's total number of users of their competitors Apple Music of only 15 million, but due to the integration with iOS and iTunes, Apple Music released only one year the growth rate is very rapid.Apple Music does not provide free service, after trying for three months, users have to pay to continue using it.

Spotify apparently noticed the rapid growth of Apple Music, who a few days ago the Family Package pricing adjustments for the same price and the Apple Music.
Growing push by paying subscribers, Spotify last year's revenue rose 80 percent to 1.95 billion euros, but its losses also increased by 10 percent to 173 million euros. Since 2008 release, Spotify has not been profitable, over 80% of revenues are paid to record companies and artists - Spotify last year, including copyright, distribution and other expenses reached 1.63 billion euros, an increase of 85%. That revenue last year, more than eighty percent of the revenue Spotify have returned to the music industry. They also said in the earnings report to be the world and the second largest source of income for the music industry.
Revenue and advertising revenue is subscription service Spotify's two main sources of income, advertising revenues in 2015 reached $ 219 million, compared with last year nearly doubled.Although it is not money, but the rate of loss has slowed sharply Spotify, Spotify increase in losses last year was only 6.8%. In 2014, the figure is 184%.

Microsoft launches NFC mobile payments For windows 10 mobile

As we all know, Microsoft has been in the smartphone in the country barely retain little corner, and this is Windows 10 Mobile hopes to aid the development of the entire ecosystem of Windows 10 to regain self-confidence.

So how to recover self-confidence? Of course, we have the ability to make yourself more to look cool, to attract users. Microsoft has just pushed a new version of Windows 10 Mobile Wallet (wallet) update package, upgrade to version 2.0Now, it supports NFC, colleagues can collect coupons, membership cards and other electronic instruments. But supported devices is limited, Lumia950, Lumia950 XL and Lumia650 users can directly through the phone close to the payment terminal the way to complete the payment in a physical store, to support more than one million retail outlets.

But Microsoft has done this thing is not perfect, at present, there are types of supported cards Visa and MasterCard, and American Express and Discover are not within the scope of support. In addition, Microsoft also announced support for NFC-enabled Bank, the existing Bank of American, BECU, First Tech Federal Credit Union, People's United Bank, Virginia Credit UnionFollow-up will be Chase, US Bank, Fifth Third Bank, on the whole, compared to iOS and Android camps, it can not reflect the advantage.

But at least, we see Microsoft in the back trying to catch a shadow. Because Windows10 Mobile also supports HCE Host card emulation mode, so you can not rely on the security and chip carriers, unrestricted use of mobile phones with NFC functionality on POS machines to pay credit card operations, and thus more quickly.

But given Microsoft's appeal in the market now, this feature can not help it sell more intelligent devices in the short term, but to enhance the payment experience for its entire ecosystem is helpful.

Sony's Playstation VR worldwide to launch in October

Sony PS VR Claim, $ 399 in 13th October 2016 listed, as well as shooting and handle on 50+ of the VR game

Seeing HTC Vive has grabbed the limelight in the market, Sony's PS VR can not wait to join the battle. And on this E3, Sony has finally released the official news, priced at $ 399 in North America will be released Sony PlayStation VR on October 13 this year, there will be 50 games while on the line.
It is noteworthy that, the Sony also released a specially designed handle shooting, Sony will call VR Aim, bring 1 VR represents a first person shooter game: 1 pointing accuracy. Such a controller FPS games will increase the degree of immersion and presence. The peripherals and sci-fi shooter "Farpoint" cooperation, should be the most attractive PS VR masterpiece. Also, we even see a new zombie shooter IP "Days Gone".
The official said the 50 games; we also see several conferences. Including "FF15", "Resident Evil 7", "Star Wars: Battlefront" VR version and "Batman: Arkham City" game masterpiece; also the beta as early as 2015, when the E3 video "beauty girl spent laid-back summer "game" summer Lesson ", another piece of good news is" the last guardian "has been completed and will be released on October 25. Sony also demonstrated the "Star Wars" and "Batman: Arkham" of VR gaming experience.

From the current point of view, Sony PS VR has the potential to come from behind. Because of its many years of accumulation in the entertainment and gaming industry, a listing Oculus Rift and will undoubtedly have a significant impact on HTC Vive.
We wait for Sony PS VR whole industry experience would be enhanced, and ultimately benefit consumers. And related hard-invasive research team also its direction as soon as possible, to make appropriate adjustments.

Misfit bring Speedo Shine 2, swimming dedicated Smart bracelet

Misfit and Speedo announced the Speedo Shine 2

The smaller the minority of the market, the easier it is to do a large share if you could find the way to cut. If the motion on the ground a lot of smart bracelets, fierce competition in the market, then the summer came, for swimming enthusiasts smart wearable bracelet is relatively less. Misfit another way to bring Speedo Shine 2; we can solve this demand, and they have done the second generation.
Misfit do this product is not a power of their own, it is to find a well-known swimwear manufacturer Speedo (Speedo) cooperation, it would be for their products to increase the professional skills component. It is designed for swimming enthusiasts of sport, swimming and sleep monitoring bracelet. Speedo swims ring number using MISFIT and proprietary algorithms to develop estimates for all strokes, a traceable record number of users love handles. In this way, users do not have other people to help count the number of laps.
Also, in order to enhance the movement of people wearing the initiative and professionalism, but also added a countdown function can be set to play a round-trip time and challenge it, by a predetermined time after completion will vibrate. Also, after the phone bundling and support SMS, calls to remind vibration alarm and mute function; binding Misfit Link App, Speedo Shine 2 can morph music player remote control, self-timer remote control, PPT Remote Control, or a variety of remote control devices and intelligent home smart button Internet services.
To allow the wearer to view related information quickly, Speedo Shine 2 has 12 LED lamps, with more than 16 million colour display, even in the sun, the time can be read directly, and view your progress. It should be noted that the user able to, by way of internal App purchase, at a price of $ 9.99 and get to swim laps estimates data tracking function, this point is not other similar products.

21 June 2016

Recon Jet's special evening in Paris

Recon Jet experts will install the Reset in the 11th arrondissement, this Wednesday, June 22 But what are the Recon Jets?

Initially dedicated to the sport, the Recon Jet are smart-glasses feature an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an altimeter, a magnetometer and a thermometer that allows its user to analyze its performance and heart rate in real time. A glance is enough to check the distance traveled, elapsed time, the beating of his heart, his pace and speed.

'Smart-glasses' for sport

design inspired by the Terminator glasses (watch out Sarah Connor), the Recon Jet consist of a screen located on the lower right side of the glasses which avoids distracting the owner. With motion detection technology at eye level, the screen turns on only if you look: the brightness does not tire your eyes and allows greater concentration during your activity.
Recon Jet go even further by equipping a GPS, allowing users to manage, find their way or to test a new journey, an HD camera and microphone to photograph and film his surroundings, his environment and his prowess but also of headphones for listening to music (the selection of playlists and audio settings are made ​​directly from the Recon Jet).

An appointment to better understand

These smart-glasses allow you to stay connected through Wifi and Bluetooth: send your pictures and videos to your friends and share your results on social networks in some shots trackpad with your glasses are fitted. Especially discover their possibilities for action in any environment or during any activity (not necessarily sport).

Intel and BeMyApp give you appointment Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 19h to Reset 86, rue de Charonne 75011 Paris (metro Charonne or Faidherbe). Experts will present the smart-glasses Recon Jet, will make a demo and a networking session will be organized. More information and registration  at this link .

The most powerful computer in the world is China

The site "Top 500" has published its ranking of the most powerful computers in the world. It is China that is widely hoisted on top with the supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight.

The China grew by leaps and bounds in technology. According to the latest ranking of "Top 500", which recency the 500 most powerful computers in the world, the supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight which now occupies the top spot and handily.

China has the most powerful supercomputer

The Tianhe-2, which occupied first place in the ranking of the 500 most powerful computers in the world has just been dethroned by Sunway TaihuLight, a 100% Chinese system. The former is also of Chinese design but has signed to processors Intel . The TaihuLight, he is equipped with Chinese processors.
Sunway TaihuLight is three times more powerful than the system which held the previous record.It is capable of 93 million billion operations per second, or 93 petaflops. It is fitted with 41,000 processors, each with 260 coresGiving a computer system of 10.6 million cores. However, according to the website "top500", power consumption is described as " excellent ". It uses 15.3 megawatts while Tianhe-2 uses 17.8 megawatts to its power 33 petaflops.

HP recalls batteries for many laptops

The manufacturer HP has launched a comprehensive safety recall campaign involving batteries of different models of laptops.

If you have a laptop HP, you would be well advised to look at what is to follow. Because of overheating and "risk of fire and burns," the manufacturer has launched a repatriation campaign and voluntary replacement of certain batteries integrated with several of its laptops.

Many HP products concerned

In detail, here are the models sold between March 2013 and August 2015, which may be affected:
  • HP Compaq: CQ58 (B),CQ45 (B)
  • HP ENVY: dv6 (G)
  • HP Pavilion :  15 (S),14 (S),  G4 (S) g6 (S),17 (S), g7 (S)
  • HP : G2 255,  240, 245, 246, 250 G1,450, 455, 650, 655, 1000 (B) 2000 (B)
  • HP ProBook  470 G0, G1 470, 470 G2, 4440s, 4441s, 4445s, 4446s, 4540s, 4545s
HP also states that these defective batteries' were sold as accessories or spare parts, or provided as a replacement via the assistance. " That said if you own one of these computers your battery is not necessarily bad.
To find out if it is part of the affected batch management this page which two solutions are found to diagnose your hardware and FAQs. If you have a specific machine, and even if you have never had a problem with so far, it is advised to stop using it immediately or at least to remove the battery and use the power supply.

A course free trade

The above diagnostic page also allows for replacement demand, of course free. Note that the instructions regarding the possible return of the old battery accompany the new battery.

16 June 2016

SpaceX rocket will be recovered first launch was postponed to autumn

In recovering the Thaicomm 8 Section rocket propulsion, the hangar now SpaceX rocket has placed four of the recovery. As the hangar was more crowded, the next question is, when will then be re-directed to a space in which to complete a recycling loop? Original SpaceX hopes to make the first attempt in May and June, but obviously, this point in time is too hasty, so the new Twitter posting in, Elon Musk expressed aim is now to September / October as the new duration. In fact, the technical problem is not that the first re-launch rocket considerations, there are many commercial planes. After re-launching rocket first time for all of us, not only SpaceX, to launch customer for this is a very high-risk experiment, but also for insurance underwriting what proportion should not have a conclusion. So despite the initial SpaceX reckoning use "pricing" rocket launchers recovered about a new rocket Qizhe about, but the first experiment of mice partners should also be no more concessions is it? Although up to now have not heard the first rocket launch from recycled customers who will be, at least in Luxembourg satellite operator SES has expressed a high level of interest, it should not lead no one is willing to try it! 

Mercedes-Benz: the autopilot is not a technical race, but the more extreme safety requirements

Although at this stage see a lot of the depot even technology companies , almost all toward Driveless unmanned vehicle technology in development, but most people feel small series such as myself, in fact, I feel that this is a bit like the field of technology arms race, look at the past is several super futuristic look (or cute) concept car, people think this technology seems to be still quite far away from us.But in fact, both the Tesla has recently been listed in Taiwan or the Mercedes-Benz new E-Class models, in fact, have been pre-loaded automatic / semi-automatic driving technology on which, basically as long as legislation can be more relaxed, in fact, the technology is at your fingertips to do it. As science and technology competition this matter, according to Mercedes-Benz in the meeting to share with the media in Taiwan, shows that such development is actually an extension of their existing assistive technology only for them, in fact, the purpose is simply to more extreme security to pursue, and nothing to the meaning of the competition with his factory. They are long hope to borrow from the variety of assistance systems and operating techniques to reduce human error to reduce the accident rate, through Intelligent Drive's driver assistance systems, it is hoped that they can achieve this goal "real security." 

What is the Mercedes-Benz in the eyes of "real security"? While more secure because more traffic thanks to science and technology, since research report can already be seen from 2001 to 2015, the traffic accident fatality rate in Europe and Japan and a few markets in all a marked decline. Even so, Mercedes still think we should also have a safer haven technology. Autopilot technology is an opportunity to achieve; you can then own sophisticated systems for five main types of accidents at this stage, more initiative to prevent driving errors. They believe that although the distance concept F015 future there is not a small distance segment - according to the speaker, Dr. Bernhard Morys (above) estimated that, in his view should be at least 50 years, but also a chance to realize (because there are too multi-technology may not appear or mature), but this will definitely be the future trend.
Fig stage ride in the intelligent driving techniques Benz vehicles has reached the second stage

Although the distance Driveless clearly still a good way to go (as shown above, from the next stage they are preliminary estimates suggest that at least more than a year or two). But it seems that at this stage, in fact, even if the point was suddenly full tech tree, statutes of many countries but still locked hands and feet in this area of development. For example, even now the market is basically some cars have been able to achieve a particular way, such as automatic driving standards on the highway, but because of the Act, in many countries, but still have to be limited to a lower speed limit, so practical of greatly reduced, it will naturally affect the willingness of consumers to buy. As for the question of attribution This intermediate has been talking about "Drivers vs. vehicle", and Mercedes-Benz use a very simple concept to explain this aspect of the home. 
Simply put, such as ABS or constant speed driving assistance systems such there is a very long time, and if such a brake system failure such problems occur, the responsibility will naturally find the depot, so autopilot if the system is out of the situation, of course, it is to assume responsibility for the depot - can be seen from the figure, from the height of the autopilot stage (Lv3) start, Mercedes-Benz has been placed beneath the attribution of responsibility "vehicle / manufacturing provider "above, we can see that they do not intend to play confused battle, some of the depots of the responsibility naturally they will be responsible. Therefore, they are more eager to Governments for such technology can relax in the Act, so that technological development in this area has more space to play. That is, because of this, in fact, the more exposed they are confident about their technology, also give consumers a certain degree of confidence in it.

Map of Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe system even when slammed into a huge noise on hearing have found the program to reduce the ...

On the other hand, in fact, a computer system for the definition of "security" in the eyes of the people than to the narrow definition of a lot. Morris says many choose to stop waiting for the computer to lift the status of the case, in fact, people will feel a little a little closer / regulation can be passed violated one o'clock, so a lot of time but people will choose to switch back to manual driving. It is not difficult to imagine, after all, this is a priority to the safety of the system, so liberal than the driving operation, the probability of accidents will naturally be a lot (because it is very careful ah) is low. Therefore, such an explanation, looks like we do not have such a fear of the autopilot, right? I can only say that perhaps a beginning Google going too fast, the steering wheel does not have direct let autopilot vehicles on the road, but caused a lot of people worried, but in fact, this is the future we also have from the segment or short distance. Mercedes-Benz here is clearly more gradual approach to some, the way they want to assist the system, slowly in appearance and function are above or close to the general perception of vehicle models, add these automatic / semi-automatic driving function and with government agencies progressive harmonization, better synchronization of data collection and testing after opening with regulations, only to vehicle owners through a simple software update to use these more advanced and more intelligent driving assistance technology, and in more applications and technology promotion after they are also ready to take over and further "responsible for" driving this thing.

Map of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class autopilot sensors sensing range schematic

I believe that the development direction of autopilot technology seems, in fact, Google, Tesla and Mercedes and other manufacturers no right or wrong way to pursue the issue. Background in science and technology of Google, with lovely autopilot car, greatly caused the market's attention, perhaps a bit aggressive and reckless, but soon enable the Government to face up to issues and technological developments in this area, it is a good thing. In fact, after the car appeared, they quickly for subsequent regulatory restrictions have made the control function settings.

Twitter for SoundCloud investment of 70 million US dollars

Each social networking site has been mustering the full strength all hope to maintain their freshness, the live battlefield of the side, early on streaming music service's fascinating on Twitter, final confirmation has been formally SoundCloud be holding investments - opinion previously planned acquisition considered Write success yet.The official did not reveal too much of the actual investment details, but according to Recode sources pointed out that the amount of investment of up to seventy million US dollars, while Twitter CEO is considered that the investment is to support the efforts of the creators, but also the reaction partnerships and good relations in all aspects of social support maintained in recent years. SoundCloud and Twitter has a very close cooperation; the former is the first support Audio Cards streaming music company, so if there is both tighter integration not too surprising. But remaining is whether they can make binding social services and music more interesting.

15 June 2016

Microsoft have been own the LinkedIn by paying $ 26.2 billion

Microsoft releases large bills to buy LinkedIn by paying $ 26.2 billion to provide the social network. It is the third largest acquisition in the history of the high-tech sector.

Here is an acquisition that will make a lot of noise in the small world of the web! Microsoft has indeed announced the acquisition of the professional social network LinkedIn for a whopping $ 26.2 billion. The Redmond could take the opportunity to bridge the gap between the platform and tools Microsoft Office  365.

196 per share

The Redmond company announced this acquisition, which certainly will stand out in Silicon Valley.The tender offer is expected to close by the end of the year is for an amount of $ 26.2 billion. The Indeed the third largest acquisition in the history in the high-tech field.
In detail, this represents $ 196 by LinkedIn action which, remember, is listed on the Stock Exchange on Wall Street. This represents a premium of 48.35% over its closing price at the close on Friday, June 10 evening.

No flowchart change

If Microsoft comes out the big bucks to afford LinkedIn, it should not be any big change in teams of the social network, at least initially. The social network will keep its name and its CEO, Jeff Weiner, will retain his position at the Company's head.
In its statement, Satya Nadella says Redmond's ambition is to "accelerate the growth of LinkedIn and Microsoft Office 365 to provide tools for every person and every organisation."
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